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I'd like to thank everyone who's taken a moment to send an appreciative message about the People Eating Tasty Animals page. Time and resource limitations have made it impossible for me to respond to more than a fraction of the messages received. -- Mike

My co-workers and I... think your page is great. Keep it up.

Mike, let me just complement you on the page... a job well done.

Dear Mike, Love your web page! Anybody that can get hate e-mail from grazing animals is deserving of congratulations. Actually I was surprised at how little there was to read in your 'Hate Mail Received' sub-page. I always find it amusing to read the ravings of lunatic cattle and was disappointed to find less amusement there than I expected. What was there was definitely a prime example of the crap one can expect from beings who eat too many plants with the resultant methane build-up in the cranium. Keep up the good work!

Saw a mention of your Tasty Animals page in today's Science. This is without a doubt my favorite web page of all time. I especially enjoyed the hate mail from those hily edyucated peepul. Please keep up the good work...

Wow, either the outraged people-haters are too lathered up to check their spelling, or literacy is not high on their list of concerns. Looking forward to more hate mail! It's better than rec.humor.funny

what can I say? Good on ya, mate. I especially congratulate you on the inclusion of biomedical research links and will maintain a link for this specific purpose...

May I start off by first congratulating you on your speedy registration and welcome sense of humour in an age where it is all too often lacking. As a researcher at an institution that is routinely faced with rude and abusive protesters, I applaud your attempt at trying to stem the tide of... propaganda. We do not perform animal testing to amuse ourselves. We use alternative tests WHENEVER possible, not only for ethical reasons but also because they are quite frequently more cost effective. But in some cases there is no substitute for in vivo experimentation. I personally work in the field of carcinogenesis and single celled organisms are unsuitable because they simply cannot develop tumours! We use tissue cultures frequently but these cannot account for the interplay between organs and systems that is quite often a factor in the development of cancer. Our ultimate goal is to save human lives, and [they] would have us branded murderers. I apoligise for rapidly bogging down in such sombre issues, especially since this message will not be recieved by those who need to hear it the most. I just pray that none of the... faithful discover that fateful lump before the rest of us have a time to find a cure for it.

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know I LOVE your page!

As an avid hunter/fisherman (as well as wildlife biologist), I am amazed at the lack of concern people have for their well-being. Most people don't think about the "too many rats in the cage" experiment. If left to themselves without the opportunity to hunt, fish, and yes, even kill....society would collapse upon itself. People, rather than see someone eat an animal, would rather watch them overpopulate and walk around (ribs and other body parts protruding) in a state of starvation. I am apalled at the lack of intelligence out there. To some, I would be considered a "bunny hugger". I love wildlife, I love nature, and the last thing I would want to see is the loss of it. But rather than condemn those who used animals to find ways to make our lives more productive and longer, let's show a little respect. After all, if it weren't for the dedicated researchers, those who would like to see all animal related activities banned wouldn't have the chance to live long enough to see their platform established. Man began as a hunter/gatherer, it's a pre-disposition rooted in his genetic makeup. For those who wish to live on the vegetarian side of life, more power to you. However, if I want a big juicy steak, that's my perogative. I don't advocate cruelty to animals, but they are necessary for mankind's sanity!


I laughed. I cried. Thanks 10^6.

Bravo! Bravo! This is one hell of a good parody. keep up the good work.

Just great. There's nothing that's so much fun as making jerks look foolish.

For about two months off and on I've been looking on the web for info on how to care for my wife's mink jacket. When I look for care of fur or animal fur all I get is animal rights stuff on how to groom an animal. I'm sure I'll find what I want from your page.

Thanks and keep up the good fun.

Having grown up on a farm in Iowa and still maintaining an appetite for meat. Your page was a joy to find.

Three cheers to your Web Page!

It's so refreshing to see sites like this popping-up all over the Internet, to do "battle" with all of the anti-meat/anti-fur/vegan fools out there.

Best Wishes - you have our total support in this!

A friend & I were browsing the "freak" sites when we came across yours. Hooray! I hope lots of animal-philes get really hacked when they hit your page. Good work, dude...

Best site on the web. Heresis in todays politically correct atmosphere is encouraged.

Wonderful, wonderful - I love to see them beaten at their own game. And the hysteria - Proof of their irrationality (or ignorance). Thanks for thinking of this one.

Let it be known that I don't eat just any animal, I only eat animals that eat vegetables. I can't believe some people would actually uproot a plant just to satisfy their hunger pangs. Speaking of hunger, I gotta get a burger.

Keep up the good work, you have millions behind you.

It never fails to amaze me how "gentle" vegans become so violent when one disagrees with them...

Thanks for the cool page, in particular the great logic of the plant sentience and Nazi vegetarian issues. Nothing like reasoning it out with the cultists.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was so happy to find your page on the internet!!! I am so sick of the animal activists, that it gives me great pleasure to find someone who is sane. I am a farmer, hunter, and overall good guy. My wife is a medical technician.

Congratulations! You have, I believe, won the award for the "You'll never expect this from the URL" Award... I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!

I am really happy to see that there are still people who believe that human beings do come before animals. I am from Toronto, Canada and almost everytime I go into the usual burger joint I get harrassed by someone protesting that meat is murder. I have one thing to say to these people... Get your nose out of where it doesn't belong! Or you will find yourself between two buns with a little ketchup! Thanks for letting me get this off my chest!

Your site made the Jan. 19, 1996 issue of Science magazine. My compliments to the chef.

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