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Quote of the Week -- February 16, 1996

``The people who are doing this are the lowest of the low,'' said Steven Ragland, a PETA spokesman in Washington. ``We can't help but be amused that we are so threatening to people like this that they would go to so much trouble as to steal away our name.'' -- Steven Ragland, "Assistant to the Executive Director" of "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals," quoted in the San Jose Mercury-News, February 16, 1996, in an article about this page.

For the almost four months that the "Tasty Animals" web page has been available on the Web, I've very deliberately made no direct comments at all about any of the issues that are raised by the page, and specifically, made no mention whatsoever of the organization, "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals," its leadership, or its members. I felt that, if any statement was to be made, it would be made by others, through "hate mail," positive comments, or requests to have links added to the page, and of course, by those whose links appear here.

This page was originally conceived and presented, solely by me, as a small and informal experiment, to find out how long it takes for news about unusual pages to propagate around the 'Net and through the news media, by word of mouth, when no deliberate effort was made to promote the page. The choice of subjects and links also reflects some of my views of the world, though it doesn't necessarily match the things that I do or products that I buy.

The page evolved into what could be called a piece of participatory political satire, perhaps unique in that its author/editor has said next to nothing publically about the organization(s) or beliefs that it targets, either on the page or to the news media. And some of the best material has been contributed by readers of the page - much of that being, of course, mail from its critics.

Meanwhile, this page has become the catalyst of a demonstration, of exactly how the members, syncophants and leadership of a particular organization behave when faced with an unusual situation.

As the registration of this domain is now, unofficially, in dispute, I will refrain from making further comments. Suffice it to say that I've received a letter from "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals," demanding that this domain name be turned over to them, and threatening litigation if I don't immediately comply.

My attorney and I are currently preparing a response.

So, watch this space for further developments!

As for Steven Ragland, perhaps all those nasty things I hear about his organization are true. I'm not surprised in the slightest that he's already resorted to public name-calling and blanket condemnations of individuals.

And, as always, thanks to all - over one hundred and thirty at last count - who've written to express their support of this effort.

Mike Doughney

February 16, 1996

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